Asos slim fit ripped jeans

Asos slim fit ripped jeans

Ripped jeans are a style and a returning trend for both male and female. Wearing ripped jeans can be tricky as you don’t want to look like your clothes were ripped apart by a hungry tiger. If not outfitted properly you may end up looking haggard and maybe like you got your jeans from the dumpster.

You want to look “hip” in your jeans and not really like “hippie” and there is a fine line between the two. Some simple rules for wearing ripped jeans would be to wear them close. It doesn’t have to be fitted but should be close enough to fit neatly. Loose or baggy ripped jeans on a female will look really terrible and make you look like you are wearing a costume. Slim jeans with small rips look better. Avoid rips with large holes.

You can purchase your ripped jeans online from many retailers at low, low cost. ASOS products have a wide selection for you to choose from. They stock ripped jeans in all sizes, colors and styles.

Here are the 5 best ways women can wear your ripped jeans and still look sexy.

1. Sporty Look

The safest and most popular outfit with a ripped jean is t-shirt and flats. Anyone can get away with wearing ripped jeans if the t-shirt is slim fit along with the jeans. This look is sporty or casual and your jean can be in any color. It’s best to wear a plain t-shirt which can be either vee-neck or regular.

ripped jeans sporty look

2. The feminine look

You can soften the look of wearing your ripped jean by matching with a nice baby-doll blouse, print or floral. Any feminine blouse can be worn so long as it’s not too baggy, not too long (blouse must sit or hang comfortably around the hips), and the sleeves aren’t too long. You can dress up or down depending on the occasion. A shirt can also be worn if it’s not baggy or looks like a male shirt. The sleeves should not be too long nor the cuff to puffy. This outfit isn’t complete without wedges, high sandals or pumps.



3. Look Cool

You don’t want to wear ripped jeans in winter unless you are wearing leggings beneath them, but you can wear them with a jacket or blazer, scarf and boots. This outfit is great for fall. Beneath your blazer will be a shirt; a tank-topor t-shirt beneath the jacket.

The jacket should he short, close fitting and buttons in one place or no buttons at all. You would not wear the scarf with the tank top or mini jacket.The scarf will work better with a blazer that’s a little looser than the jacket. High boots are better but flat boots work just as fine.

 ripped jeans- winter


4. Fall and Winter

If it’s cold out you want to wear a sweater, boots and scarf. Beneath your sweater is a t-shirt. The sweater should be close fitting and not too baggy. Also paired with this outfit are pumps.


ripped jeans fall-winter

5. Sweet sixteen

At this age you are experimenting with different looks and you will definitely be fascinated by ripped jeans. How about a nice tank with wedges or flats? Sandals can be worn with this outfit as well and at 16 you may prefer flat sandals.

One thing to remember when wearing ripped jeans is to keep it simple.

ripped jeans sweet sixty

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