Summer is here, and it is time to evaluate your beachwear. Men are pretty lucky when it comes to their swimwear and beachwear; they generally wear the same thing – trunks and a t-shirt – all summer long. Even though you have it easy guys, you can look great on the beach, at the pool, or even at a summer party. It doesn’t take much of an effort, but the results will be noticed, and admired, by the ladies – guaranteed! I have provided some tips below to help beef up your summer wardrobe.

Men's beachwear 2013

One big plus when wearing fashionable clothing is that your confidence increases and people tend to respect you more than usual. You become ‘the guy in the know’. Try out a few of these trends and see what happens:


Easy as can be, men’s swimwear is all about loose fitting clothing in monochromatic neutrals this year. Or, try a simple vintage rock t-shirt paired with baggy swim trunks. The shirt not only stylizes you, but protects against the harsh sun. Make sure it is clean, no holes, and try to avoid slogans. If you insist, make sure that whatever is written on it is not obscene. If you prefer tank tops, stay away from those with narrow straps. They look a bit, well, not so nice. Sandals are a must, and anything goes.Let’s class it up!

asos men tank top


Have you noticed that men are becoming more fashion conscious than ever before? That’s right; guys are not afraid to try new styles – good for you! As ZZ Top once said, “Every girl crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man”. It’s true, gentlemen, we ladies love looking at masculine fashion-HIS-tas.

asos men shorts

A great trend this year is bold – bold color, bold prints and bold patterns. For your next summer party, try a lightweight short sleeve shirt in a bold orange color over some rear-flattering plaid shorts. Or black and white striped summer weight drawstring pants with a black shirt (extra points for a jazzy white print).

Socks are out, hats are in and so are men’s bags. Ray Ban’s Aviator sunglasses are back and hotter than ever. They are polarized and protect your eyes from the sun. Plus they are way cool!

Men's Trendy Beachwear

Whatever you decide to wear, the rule of thumb is to ensure your clothes are clean, in good repair and fit well. Oh, and work it man, treat the ladies!

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